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Do I really need an event planner?


Without question, even the most savvy DIY'er will benefit from hiring an event planner. Having an experienced and trustworthy planner on hand, particularly the day of the event, is vital in maintaining a stress-free experience for you and your guests!

Can I have my family member/friend as my coordinator?

The short answer is no.

Of course you certainly can recruit your loved ones to help out with your special occasion, particularly if they have experience or knowledge in a specific area. However, it does pose a risk of them having too much involvement and potentially overstepping, which can be a detriment at a time when emotions already tend to run high. Additionally, you want your loved one to enjoy your special day as much as your other guests rather than feel like another of your vendors. Please reconsider before appointing famliy or friends as your coordinator.

We are having a destination event.
Will you travel?


We can discuss specifics during our initial consultation but as long as we have at least two months notice, we can certainly help plan your destination event. 

(Especially if it will be in France!)

How far in advance do I need to book?


There are varying factors to this depending on the type of event and level of service needed but we would suggest as soon as you have decided to have an event, schedule a consultation with us. While there certainly may be time to work on the details, my team and I may already be booked on your preferred event date.

So we always say the sooner, the better!

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